Vincent van Gogh in Pont-Aven in Brittany 1888. He was there with his friend Paul Gauguin who became famous for his Brittany fields and women in local costumes paintings. 

Elisabeth Andrae, sadly, is not among the women artists represented in my collection. She was an important and awarded painter, active in Dresden en Ahrenshoop and Hiddensee artist colonies. Like many of her colleagues she tried at woodblock printmaking. As a printmaker she is known with great result but very few examples. I cannot remember ever seeing a print by her on the market. I know of only 4 examples by her hand. As general and artistic director of this exhibition I would try very hard to get at least one work byElisabeth Andrae, on loan from a fellow collection to show and underline she really “belongs” amidst this display of her printmaking sisters. Last mentioning of her is 1945 and it is presumed she “vanished” in the cataclysmic bombing of Dresden. Her 3 girls sitting in a field reminding strongly of Vincents painting of women in the fields near Pont Aven. Vincent and Paul Gauguin painted here in 1888 before traveling to Arles in the Provence. Wether she ever visited Brittany i do not know. Maybe she saw an exhibition of impressionist painters. Perhaps these girls are resting field workers, somewhere in Germany and show the universal simplicity and beauty of life in the country. 

This print shows perfectly what great result and effect can be achieved with relatively simple means. In the hands of the talented.          


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