Photo-lithographic reproduction plate from a very rare edition book on the life of Léon Bakst, the Russian artist-designer associated with Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. This character, a faun, is from the ballet “Narcisse” probably the most extravagant production in costumes and performance. See the accompanying biographies book for more details about Bakst and his costumes and stage designs. 

A pearl found among a pile of prints in an old graphics collection being slowly dissolved.

Know thy classics ………………



Diaghilev produced three Grecian ballets: Daphnis and Chloe (1912), L’après-midi d’un faun (1912) and Narcisse

André Yacovlev Levinson (St. Petersburg 01-11-1887 - 03-12-1933 Paris ) fled Russia in 1918 and became a French journalist and wrote “The story of Léon Bakst”, which saw limited first editions in France, England America etc…. (Today they fetch 2000-4000€ in auction). The book is iconic for its prized many great quality colour chromo/photo-lithographic reproductions of Bakst’s original custome and stage designs. 

Above Bakst’ stage design for Narcisse and below some costume designs, chromolithographic reproduction plates from the book.