Die Balder Presse (Leipzig) (1925-1934) 

A private printing and publishing company in Leipzig. It published a monthly magazine “Zeitschrift für neue und alte Kunst-Graphik Kunstgewerbe Die Balder Presse”. It was founded by: 

Franz Brosig 

(Mainz 1897 - 1980 Niederdorfelden near Frankfurt a. M.)

Covers of a copy of the original magazine and the commemorating book (limited edition of 500) published in 1996. It contains a list of all prints that were published during its 9 years existence + an additional 8 original prints.

During its existence (just 9 years) it published a monthly magazine of the highest technical quality. Among the artists represented by the Balder Presse: Robert Meyer, Ruth Meyer, Tony Hallbauer-Wagner, Rudolf Lindig, Felicitas Berber-Credner, Franz Egert, Willy Menz, Richard Seewald, Max Pechstein, Eamillian Baudnik, Karl Stratil, Walter Klemm and even Emil Orlik and Emma Bormann were represented. 

Brosig, himself an accomplished printmaker, published several of his own prints under different aliases: Frank Grant, Philip Kern and Käthe Röhr. 

At least one print by unidentified printmaker Franz Bachmann was published by the Balder Presse (Pfefferfresser, below)