Besides his free work and well loved for his nudes Theo Beerendonk also printed several landscapes in the style of (or “after”) Rembrandt.  When he was director of the Leiden Rembrandthuis museum he used Rembrandt’s original plates to hand print a limited edition. Theo Beerendonk is a well known and documented and very prolific Dutch artist.

Landscapes etched in the style of Rembrandt. 

View on Amsterdam published in 1948 by Vereeniging tot bevordering der Kunsten 


Hand printed from Rembrandt’s original plates 

Theo Beerendonks hand-printed copies from the original plates from the Rembrandthuis collections. The copies shown re the ones that came to my knowledge and include some of his most famous etchings like “de Omval” and “De drie Eiken” . (There may be more !) They are all annotated “Handprinted by Theo Beerendonk”. So far I have not been able to find one for my collection. Altough a nice booklet covering his nudes was published in 2011 a catalogue of his own etchings, the Rembrandt copies etc.. does not seem to exist. 

To complicate things even more: the Rembrandt-huis later and to this day published more (not hand printed) fine editions of the plates preserved in their collections.   

Portrait by the etcher.  

Several other prints of obviously the same man exist. It could not be established if they are self portraits 

More works by this artist

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