New and welcome: Begonias


New acquisition and no clues to who might have created it. Yet. But to me this is not really of importance today. It was offered for a long time in eBay and nobody seemed interested enough to have not. Or make the seller an acceptable offer. As we call it: a “winkeldochter” (shop owners daughter). In this case the shop owner (a she ..) was more than happy to know the print found a welcome home. Print collectors do not like works by unidentified and unknown printmakers (which is food for thought). Besides: Size maters. It is quite possible its dimensions were working against it. It’s big: 28 x 44 cm. 

I havo no doubt some day another copy will surface telling us who made it. 

Its tittle would be “Alpenveilchen in turquoise Jugendstilvase”. It is highly decorative and artistically there’s absolutely nothing  wrong with. The name of maker  (male or female) without a doubt will surprise us.