As a graphic artist started around 1909 Charlotte created a series of successful lithographic portfolios with famous contemporaries. Among them (experimental and controversial) dancers like Anita Berber (1899-1929) and Jewish Valeska Gert (= Gertrude Valesca Samosch 1892-1978) daughter of successful Berlin businessman Theodor Samosch (b. Breslau 1852) who like Charlottes father lost his fortune after bad investments in 1914, and Augusta Rosenthal (b. Berlin 1864). Her father manufactured and traded popular hat ascesories in “Blumen und Schmuckfedernfabrik Zade & Falk”. 

The performing lady in this no doubt rare surviving example, which was found with a differently coloured dress,  is presumed to represent Valeska Gert.