Jos van den Berg  (1905-1978) 

“Paris, Seine, Pont d’Alma et Tour Eifel” 

(Seen from the Rive Gauche towards Quai d’Orsay on the other side and the Pont d’Alma) 

The meaning of the monogram AB is still a puzzle, but lower left the artist left his signature.  

Of course, this most charming painting is obviously inspired by the style of Marquet. As can be seen in several other known Paris and Rivièra paintings by Jos van den Berg. Marquet happens to be my favourite impressionist painter. If the gods had chosen to make me a painter I would like to have been able to paint like William Turner or like Albert Marquet. Although very different artists there’s something they have in-common: how they observed the world around them. 

This charming painting (20 x 15 cm., oil on panel with a stunningly matching frame that is probably much older) was said to be found in a French flea market. It was however acquired by me in 2022. 

The painting bares similarities with Marquet famous Hamburg 1909 harbour views. This little gem is now one of the treasured highlights of this humble collection.   


I have always known this remarkable Dutch artist was a fine impressionist painter. 

Researching his oeuvre after acquiring the painting lead to finding these examples of his visit to Paris and the Mediterranean. The Eifel tower view is difficult to imagine in this perspective: I suppose it shows a view towards Pont Marie but than the Eiffel Tower should not be in that place. The light in Place de la Concorde is stunning.