Academic nude 

Large (50 x 75 cm.) pencil drawing of academic nude posing by this wonderful and versatile artist, a painter, postage stamp designer, etcher and printmaker. This drawing was probably the first work of art I ever bought when I was a student still living in the city of Amersfoort (mid 1970s) and a few years before the artist’s death. 

Paris, Seine & Tour Eiffel 

At some point he visited Paris (and the South of France). He must have been acquainted with the works of Albert Marquet (1875-1947) because he could have fooled anybody (he did me for a moment) with this lovely small Seine & Tour Eiffel oil sketch/painting in a matching old frame (as the French say: “dans son jus”). Old auction catalogues and the Internet delivered some more Paris impressions by his hand. The painting was found and acquired in 2022, almost 50 years after the nude, and retrieved from France. 

Port of Hamburg  by Albert Marquet

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Jos van den Berg suffered from achondroplasia, better known as dwarfism, like his colleague Toulouse Lautrec. He was much appreciated by his colleagues