Fr. Bochmann (Bachmann) is a still unidentified printmaker. He is not mentioned in any of the lexicons nor  to be found in the Internet. He is as enigmatic and a mystery artist as Thea Gutmann.  

His print “Pfefferfresser” however was published by the Balder Presse in Leipzig (1931-34) . Two lithographic prints also published by Balder may suggest he was a Dresden-region artist. He is mentioned Franz Bachmann (See: Balderpresse)


Puzzle, questions  & considerations 

I think his bird prints are his finest, the oriole family (L. Oriolus oriolus, Germ.: Pirol, Dutch: Wielewaal) his best.  He must have had knowledge of the prints by Zwickau printmaker Martin Erich Philipp. The oriole couple is his best print 

Although the publisher of one of his prints, Balder Presse, “officially” writes his name as Bachmann his signature, Fr. Bochmann or Bachmann is not very conclusive. I have however no special graphology expertise. I do know the abbreviation Fr. is commonly used for: Friedrich. And also: Franz is hardly “worth” to abbreviate. Again: just guessing.

In one occasion he writes his full first name and this, to me it is more “Fritz” (for Friedrich) than “Franz”………..

In one occasion a print (coloured man, 1936) is offered in an online gallery attributed to a Friedrich Bochman with these (not verifiable) dates: (born in Plauen 1906 - died in 1982). Plauen is situated west of Zwickau (where MEPH lived). Zwickau is near Dresden. 

An illustrator of children books named Friedrich Bochmann is known (“Das Zwergenbuch”, below)

2 lithographic(“Original Litho Probedruck”)  drawings by the artist (Franz Bochmann) were published 1931-34  as “Nachlassexemplar” by Balder Presse (No. A198 and A199). “From the estate” is suggestive of the artist to be deceased… 


“Dresden Elbbrücke” and “Dresden Freibad”