Hilde Böklen is one of the artists I would have, should have met earlier in life.  Just like Emil Pottner and Friederich Lißmann. To be able to collect passionately all they’ve created. In times when it was still possible + affordable (not that long ago): but that’s life….. I suppose. Hildes delicate and accurate bird, butterfly and blossom aquatint etchings are all very desirable. 

There’s no catalogue raisonnée, or anything of a sort. Her prints show up regularly, affordable  in auctions and even in flea markets: it just takes some knowledge, good taste and time to find and collect. But I have no idea for how long. Several prints were published as sets. Just dig into the matter, find them, buy them, cherish and love them. 


These 10 prints were published as set and other known prints may also have been published as a set or folio. 

Prints with butterflies, aviary birds insects and field flowers regularly appear in auction and sales. All highly attractive.