This Dresden artist was discovered just recently as a printmaker in februari 2023 and is not represented with any works in this collection. Should a copy ever be available, these wintery pollards (“Kopfweiden”) is my favourite and in case of any offers would be favourably compensated. 


This printmaker was not discovered before by me:  as a fervent auction “watcher” I never tripped over one his prints. Which is amazing considering the very good quality (and the number) of his prints. Perhaps edition numbers were low and perhaps the artist was not very occupied with the commercial and financial side of existence.  What ever the reason he more than earned to be represented 

in this website. Which is all about the lesser known printmaking artist. Besides, it is the only way to advertise my interest in finding one day a copy of the Pollards print. 

According to the website, were the information and this collection was found, the artist (waving) and his brother (and possibly more members  of his family) in the 1920s visited the picturesque city (small village but with medieval city rights) of Hindeloopen not 35 km. from my home in province Friesland.