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Emma Bormann is an artist well researched and documented. She has her own book(s), catalogue reassonnée, biography etc.. Her Istanbul colour print was published by Vienna “Vervielfaltigende Kunst” but most other limited hand printed and signed prints are in a league of its own: Great Art. Her work is represented in museums all over the world. Copies are rare, highly collectable and therefore expensive and almost always beyond my limited budget.   

Nevertheless this great printmaker is represented with 2 signed prints created after her visit to Groningen (“Noorderhaven” and “Akademiegebouw” where all Groningen University graduates and post doc students traditionally receive their diplomas and honours from their teachers and professors).   

Found and acquired in 2023, a century after it was created this signed etching found its way to this collection. It is shown in Andreas Johns  2016 book: The Art of Emma Bormann and must be among her very first works, still studying in Vienna. It shows most probably the events on July 28. 1914. Earlier that day the assassination of the Arch-Duke and his wife in Sarajevo lead to the declaration of War. In September her brother Karl fell, and she volunteered as a nurse, her graduation from Vienna art school was postponed until 1917. 

In 1914 works by her hand were shown in “Das Haus der Frau” exhibition pavilion at the BUGRA in Leipzig in a special show of student artworks. It was likely her first public exhibition. The BUGRA world fair was ended because of the outbreak of WW-I.