Agnes Brandau is represented with this no doubt rare Alpine woodblock and an etching. A close-up of the etchings reveals this location to be somewhere near the Baltic or Schleswick-Holstein coast. No one ever bothered to research the artist Agnes Brandau, investigating her biography revealed she lived in the same house in Potsdam as painter and graphic artist Karl Holz (1899-1978) who had been a student of Emil Orlik. As student in the VdBK painting and drawing school she also was a student under George Mosson. The connection with Mosson is highlighted in a paper that will appear in this site in due time (but some of it can be read in Vol. 1 of Das Haus der Frau). 


3 Woodblocks prints,  2 etchings and an oil painting titled “Sommer in der Mark”) (North of Berlin)  is all I came to know about this artist who died shortly after WW-II behind the Iron curtain.