Hardly anything came to light trying to research and find out about the identity of this Berlin printmaker other than he was born in Ravensburg and after WW-I was active in Munich and Berlin as an artist and art publisher. Februari 2023 two dozen of his woodblock prints and 3 monotypes appeared, obviously from an estate sale. Before, I had only once found (and acquired) a print by Braunger (the nostalgic “Forsythia in a vase”, foreboding Spring, and a childhood memory is actually displayed in our home) without identifying his, to me, illegible signature. Perhaps his prints are to be qualified as “unpretentious’, they are nice enough to take notice, enjoy and respect. As passionate and non-commercial collector I managed to “keep most of them together”. Also for “emotional and historic” reasons. For interested collectors: this collection is also “negotiable” against works by women printmakers.  


3 monotype prints 

These two parrot prints appeared march 2024 signed illegibly (suggestion: “R. Kampf”) but are actually by this forgotten printmaker.