“Monsieur Loyal”

Uncommon subject reminding of examples by Henri Toulouse Lautrec who was also fascinated by the world of circus . The melancholy of the scene, the posture of the ringmaster with high hat and umbrella is moving. The ringmaster (“spreekstalmeester” (Dutch-Belgian),  “écuyer” (French), enjoyes the public, introduces the artists binding the different acts and is leading the show. In France he is called Monsieur Loyal.  


Belgian (Antwerp) painter, graphic artist and from 1946 influential teacher at Antwerp Academy. Lost all his work in WW-II by German V-bombs (retaliation weapon) aimed at liberated Antwerp killing many citizens and destroying many (historical) buildings.

This etching was found “par hazard” amidst many other “paper work”: an intriguing, caricaturist, and expressionist circus drawing. Only after some serious puzzling the signature revealed the artist. “It is only after seeing when you see it…..”.

Besides his expressionist works is also known for his love for Pieter Breughel.