Das Haus der Frau: OPEN !


The actual filling with contents of the site is finally underway. After learning how to actually create a website, finding a suitable application (“app”), thinking over, designing and constructing it. After a disappointing experience it was decided I’ld ” better do it myself”……

Starting with the German Women Printmakers section: letter A. An Artist-Page “template” was designed to the required “wishes and needs” making all the pages and the operation more standard, coherent and stable.

A simple but effective (I think…..) Site-Navigation lay-out and page was designed to lead vistors through the different proposed sections and collections (The Gallery’s Rooms and Floors).

It was also decided to first introduce as many of the artists (hundreds !) represented in my collection with pictures of their works collected, accompanied by their new short biography, and pictures from my archive of all known (to me…..!), other works.

Important details and specifics like: Title, Size, Edition Numbers and context must wait until the mainframe of the site is functioning as desired.

Deo Volente I will also try to upload and fill the Swap & Shop pages ASAP. Because the collecting must go on. Likewise I will try to use this newsletter to publish new acquisitions etc… just to get acquainted with regular updating the website etc….

Vistors are invited to comment and give feedback while building up the different “Exhibition, Rooms, Collections etc…..