Artist not represented with an actual print but important enough to be awarded a guest page. “Winter im Wald” was shown in the 1992/93 catalogue: “Die Frühzeit des Modernen  Holzschnitts” represented in the van der Grinten collection.  

Margarethe Donate is also known by a series of 5 postcard editions printed from the original (small) etching plates, possibly commissioned by a postcard “Verlag” although they also could be a private, commercial enterprise by the artist herself.  Likewise a postcard edition of (4) lithographically reproduced drawings exist.  
Courtesy of  Giesela, a relative (Margarethe was her “Großtante”) who has send all these pictures for sharing. They include also the original drawings of  Margerethe’s drawings of het father’s ancestral farm house in Sönitz, some 15 km. NE of Dresden. The seat of this Donath family. 

Also came to light (what looks like) a postcard edition of a woodblock print by Margarethe Donath….. (to look out for).