Alexander Eckener (1870-1944) was the etching teacher (professor) of Elisabeth Schönleber (1877-1960). His wife Sophie Eisenlohr is also known as graphic artist (etcher). Most charming is his painting “Toni reading at the beach”. She was born in London 1884.

There’s a still to be solved family connection to her French cousin André Marty (1882-1972) with whom she studied in Stuttgart. He became a well know French Art Nouveau graphic artist. His name-sake (…….) André Marty (b. 1857- ?) was the illustrious editor of the most sought after print albums in the world the l’Estampe Originale and l’Estampe Modern editions between 1895-1899. 

Toni (Sophie Dorothea) Eckener - von  Eisenlohr (1884-1975)