For reasons not entirely clear (clearness is NOT a collecting criterium), over the years a small collection of works (figurative and abstract) by Ruth Fischer was assembled. Although born well into the XX. century and “officially” outside the main focus of this collection, she had been a student in Gerda Koppel’s painting school in Hamburg before she came (was forced) to Amsterdam. Besides I find her works, in a strange way, very attractive. And she was pretty productive, her works show(ed) up regularly in Amsterdam. She loved to sketch in Artis ZOO 

Jewish Ruth Fischer fled from Hamburg to Amsterdam in 1939 following her parents who succeeded fleeing Nazi Germany two years earlier. Her father Oskar was a banker (broker) in the Warburg bank. Ruth and her mother were naturalised after WW-II. Finding her father Oskar Fischer, who is said was born in Prague, settled in Hamburg and married a local girl so far was not successful. It is said he died in Amsterdam in 1953, but official records to prove this could not be found. All help to further Ruth’s biography is welcomed. 

In Hamburg the family lived Hofweg 33 and there’s also a hint she had (or may have had) an older sister Ellen Käthe Fischer. 

Because I very would like to further Ruth’s short biography, what became known to me can be found in the pop-up above (Artists name) 


A choice of prints from past auctions. The portrait is of Dick Elfers, her teacher and married to photographer Emmie Andriesse (see biography