Margarete Geibel as a printmaker is forever attached to the Goethehaus in Weimar. She created dozens of the most wonderful prints. But furthermore she was one of the true pioneering German “Farbholzschnitt” souls and created many other prints, landscapes, winter- market- and village scenes and children. Her earliest dating in a colour woodblock is 1904. It was created around the same time Ethel Mars was doing “similar things” in Paris. They both betray the influence of the “Munich School of Printmaking” lead by Ernst Neumann. She has many admirers and because of that specialised collectors all over the world trying to complete their sets of these wonderful Goethehaus editions. I never came to “win one” in an auction, or any other. But the same goes for a handful of other artists  … Norbertine Bresslern, Valerie Praschniker. It took until summer 2022 to be able to actually represent Martha Geibel with these prints in this collection but the waiting was awarded: these 4 early prints were obtained from an estate sale with the help of a friendly seller and are wonderful examples of her art and among the very finest and important in this collection.  

I wonder where she could have witnessed this intimate family ritual. We know the name of her father, but not her mother’s or brother’s (who died in 1950). They could also be the children of a close friend.

The market scenes show the“Weimar - Gemüsemarkt” (vegetable market).


Margarete Geibel was one of the most prolific printmakers. Recently her “Werkverzeichnis” or catalogue Raisonnée was published by Joseph Fach Gallery in Frankfurt and composed by Angelika Mundorf a former museum director.  The examples shared in this website with the prints actually represented in the collection are just to show some context and understanding of the artist as a printmaker are from my auction-sites and historical archive a….. They are also a personal choice. The Goethehaus series, well documented and researched are not included here.  

Occasional prints

Bookplates, wish cards etc..

Jenny Lotte Fleischer-Alt

(1863 - suicide 1942)

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