Bachante  - la Charmeuse

Gazette des Beaux Arts 1875

Photogravure, printed by Goupil & Co. Paris 

Charles Gleyre (near Lausanne 1808 -1874 Paris) orphaned and brought up in Lyon then moved to Paris is considered a French painter working in Paris. He was the teacher of Monet, Renoir, Sisley Whistler and Jean-Léon Gérome (and many others). Known for his exquisite mythological paintings and nudes: Sappho (1867) and Dance of the Bachantes (1849, both in the Lausanne cantonal Museum of Fine Art), The bathing (Chrysler Museum of Art) and this Bachante (since it was seen and photographed in a private collection) playing the “aulos” or double flute, an instrument usually associated with Pan.