Daisies and cornflower bouquets 

2 decorative and matching aquatint etchings (I have a weak for prints and paintings with windows as I have for prints that managed to survive and stay together for a century) by this Berlin artist who took part in the Leipzig BUGRA in 1914.  These 2 were published by the Berlin publishing house (“Verlag”) and “Kunsthandlung” of Karl Werckmeister. A year after Goethe’s death…….perhaps as a tribute ?
Some research learned this now forgotten firm once had branches in Europe and England. It was founded in Berlin in 1862 probably by his grandfather or other closely related family member as photo-chemical (art) reproduction firm. According to Berlin address books the firm survived after WW-II. Werckmeisters wife Rose Petzold was associated as a teacher with Berlin Reimann Schule and before with Gropius’ Bauhaus School. Their son Otto Karl became a notable American (California) art historian.  


Otto Goetze is best known for his many mildly erotic “boudoir” related prints: demi-nudes and portraits of elegant reclining young woman. To illustrate: a choice.