Cäcilie Graf-Pfaff is an artist known to have travelled to Italy and the Adriatic Sea region witnessing the works she created. She is represented by “The Palatine Hill” one of Rome’s 7 hills, seen from the arena below and ruins of Dometianus palace” (mirrored interpretation).  

And a view over the bay of Napels seen from the Island of Capri. It is not impossible as an “amuse” she included an image of herself on the balcony of a villa overlooking the spectacular bay with on the left tje city of Napels and on the right Mount Vesuvius.   


Artist not known to have created woodblock print but mainly known as an etcher. One of the etchings shows the medieval city of Rab. Considering the placement of the three towers in her etching she either “moved” one them or she saw them from the fourth tower, being the only place from which this perspective can be seen.