Montmartre - Place du Tertre in winter 

Read his short biography (pop-up: mouse-click name-title above). George Gremillet was a prolific etcher and Paris shipowner. Although he ran his iconic book shop “Le Singe qui lit” in this most famous of all Paris squares for some 40 years he is not mentioned in any of the artist lexicons, nor has he an entrance in Wikipedia. Much of his prints are of “bread and butter”, tourist quality but among the rubble gems and exceptionally nice prints can be found. This hand coloured example was recently found in a local junk shop. I think it is very charming, appealing and attractive. I even like the modest hand colouring. He must have known Eugène Vedèr’s examples and of course the one by August Delâtre who had his famous studio around the corner. 


1: Au singe qui lit 

2: Robert Doisneau. 

3 & 4: Eugène Vedèr. 

5: Auguste Delâtre. 

> By George Gremillet himself. No.4 + 6, when his shop was still part of the building of the Cadet de Gascogne restaurant.  

Place du Tertre Morris column by  Italian-Paris painter Carlo Cherubini