To know what might be “out there” is a great help (can not do without) to the serious prints collector. 99% of all the artist represented were never awarded a Catalogue Raisoné or “Werkverzeichnis”. Lexicons, (vintage) art magazines, exhibition catalogues, artist lexicons and auction records are the source to find out more. This site, when it is stocked and completed may grow into such a source. It contains the 1000s of hours of “searching, distilling and condensing” invested.

In the case of Moritz von Gruenewaldt however a catalogue of his graphic work was actually published in Berlin on the occasion of  his 50. birthday in 1920 (read the details in his short biography). It was even updated 5 years later with his most recent new work. Other examples of the few printmakers whos catalogue raisoiné was published are: Ernst Röttecken, Martin Erich Philipp (not illustrated), Margarethe Geibel (Joseph Fach, Frankfurt), Walter Klemm and Carl Thiemann and perhaps some recently published personal websites (the colour etchings of Tavik Frantisek Simon). 

In the Archive section you’ll find a (my) choice of his coloured prints. The Lady Amherst pheasant print exists in a small version (below) and much larger and more detailed version (this collection). Some of his prints are reminding of the Ver Sacrum artists (duck, kitten etc.). 

Besides Helene Mass he is one of the very few German artists to print penguins !