Salomo, African amazon & Cleopatra

Weird ensemble of three obviously unrelated etchings. Biblical, islamic and mythical king and prophet Salomo/Suleiman  (972-932 BC), joined by an African female warrior and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (69-30 BC). 

Salomon and Cleopatra are both known as individual etchings (“eau-fortes”) but obviously were re-engraved by Guérard to be joined with the nude heroin I one big print: he has a reputation and a knick-name: “the engraver of curiosities”. 

Manet thought the world of him and “to be the one and only etcher”: (“le Seul et Major graveur a l’eau-forte”). 

With Felix Bracquemond he founded in 18890 the illustre Société des peintres-graveurs français”. A nice example of Bracquemonds art can be found in the collection’s “Pont de Paris” section. Both prints were found in a collection that was being dissolved. (Together with copies by Morisot, Hensel, Chaplin, Ibels, Gruell, Feign-Perrin and Fantin Latour).