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Thea Gutmann-Voigt to this day remains a mysterie printmaker. Although her print surface regularly it has not been possible to identify her. I think I have collected all prints with her signature. In fact her “Flieder”  (elderberry) and “Goldregen” (Wysteria) both are of very Japanese composition and design and were among my first German woodblock prints acquired.  In one occasion her prints appeared in a folio titled “Japanische Holzschnitte” which contained more or less identical prints (design, execution, style and format) but with clearly other names, handwrightings etc. These artists with names: Thies, Ruth Lundbeck, “Celina” and “Neumann”  are also still unidentified artists. A suggestion was made it  may have been an artists collective or even an alias for an artist who wished to remain unknown.  These names are not found in any of the Artist address books, in newspaper reviews or any written source.

It would be a triumph to solve this puzzle, but after almost a century this may be wishful thinking