Gladys Anna Eleonora Hadkinson (1895 - 1925)

Etching probably showing a park (Haagse Bos) in The Hague. Gladys had been a private student of one of the Netherlands foremost etchers: Philip Zilcken. 

Read the very interesting (and very international) short biography of her short life in the accompanying book. She was the youngest of two daughters of a British-Greek farmer and Royal Navy volunteer and a Dutch-German mother. Sadly she died giving birth to her daughter Sylvia in Paris. Sylvia (1925-2011) would be raised by her sister Dorothee in Java Indonesia. 

Perhaps the most satisfying result of my initial curiosity and research (of this charity shop find) was years later her British family was invited to visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where other works by her hand are kept. Below the only other example by her hand I came to know of. 

Father Charles Richard Hadkinson (Smyrna 1865 -  1942 Alexandria)

Mother Ernestine Dorothea Seiffert (The Hague 1863 - 1928 Surabaya) 

Gladys Hadkinson (Macedonia 1895 - Paris 1925)

+ sister Dorothea (Dolly) Neumann-Hadkinson (Saloniki 1892 - 1958 NSW Australia)