To know what might be “out there” is a great help (can not do without) to the serious prints collector. 99% of all the artist represented have of course no Catalogue Raissonée or “Werkverzeichnis”. Lexicons, (vintage) art magazines, exhibition catalogues, artist lexicons and auction records are the source to find out more. This site, when filled and completed may grow into such a source. It contains the 1000s of hours of “searching, distilling and condensing” invested.

In the case of Moritz von Gruenewald however there is a catalogue of his graphic work. Other examples are printmakers Ernst Röttecken, Martin Erich Philipp (not illustrated), Margarethe Geibel (Joseph Fach, Frankfurt), Walter Klemm and Carl Thiemann and perhaps some recently published personal websites (the colour etchings of Tavik Frantisek Simon). 

MEPH’s colour catalogue (created by the Das-Haus-der-Frau research team) of his some 70 woodblock prints will be also made available (on request) in this website. (Check the Newsletter announcements). 

In the case of Moritz von Gruenewald’s entry in this Website a choice of  colour examples is shown in his “Archive” section. The PDF of his catalogue was found in the Internet (but the collection has a paper copy too).