Artist not represented in this collection by an actual print.

Obscured and little known painter and even more obscured as printmaker. The just 4 examples of woodblock prints by him justify his representation in this collection. As a guest of honour in the archival gallery. Besides the Munich Frauenkirche print the other three prints remind strongly of prints by Walter Klemm. Googling will lead the interested visitor to many of his surprising and colourful paintings.

The drawing was added because I like so very much the Emil Nolde “simplicity”.  

A short biography of the artist can be found clicking the Name cartouche (above).


“Im Sommer - 1904”

Colour linoleum block print 

There are a couple of remarkable things that can be said about this innovative print by innovative Kandinsky. It is very hard to find anything (picture, text) about the image or about the firm who printed the reproduction “Epoca - Reproduktion”. The print however is shown in books treating “Blaue Reiter” artists (Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Alexej von Jawlensky, Lionel Feiniger). And it seems to exist as monochrome woodblock too. 

The Gabrielle Münter Stiftung des Städtischen Galerie was founded in 1966 a few years after Gabrielle Münsters death in 1962 dating this high quality reprint in the 19670-80s ?