Ponte dell’Ammiraglio 1913

Frida Hilty-Göbli was like Martha Cunz an artist (and teacher) native from and working and living in St. Gallen. They will have been acquainted since Frida also owned a prainting by Martha Cunz. How this 1913 mixed media drawing of the famous Ponto dell’Ammiraglio, (built in 1132) in Palermo Sicily ended up in a Dutch house-clearing, flea market lot will probably remain a mystery. It demonstrates, well-to-do young women (“Höhere Töchter”, in 1913 she was the 20 year old daughter of a prosperous St. Gallen merchant), were in a position to be allowed to tour Italy. She wrote a book about her travel experience to Sicily in 1915. 

Many more examples of German and Scandinavian women artists can be found, also in this collection. It would make an interesting focus of research, following their paths and travels by the works they created.