Collection of 20 impressionist oil studies on panels   

Said to be from a folio from the studio of painter Eugène Lücker (1867 - 1943)

After finding one of these small paintings (I think they are gems) in a collectors and antiques fair and another one a year or so later I succeeded in finding the source stumbling over a more or less intact studio “left-over”.  However, there’s no proof or anything to support the provenance. They are nowhere resembling anything the painter Lücker created although some scribbled his name on the back of one of them and there’s one or 2 with monogram E.L. but there are also others. They seem to be quick studies in oil. They remind me of  impressions of dune landscapes. 

The technique trained obviously is picking different colours of paint from the pallet with the brush and create the effect of a landscape without spoiling by mixing the colours in only a few strokes.   I love them all, there are some favourites, while finding and actual acquiring the set was a wonderful catch. 

Until the history of these panels is revealed my assumption is they are the result of possibly a small group of artist friends working on a project. Possibly under the direction of Lücker and probably “en plein air”.

I would like to ask and wonder: what if ………the name or initials of a French impressionist painter was found on them …….?


At least one other example outside my “lot” came to light. It fits perfectly in the serie of 3 (8 x 14 cm) panels. It was painted by the same hand, with the same brush and same batch of paint. 

10 x 15 

10 x 15

18 x 26

26 x 39

22 x 30

25 x 34

8 x 14

8 x 14

8 x 14

8 x 14

8 x 14

14,5 x 20,5

8 x 14 (collection) 

8 x 14 (new)

18 x 25

20 x 25

20 x 26

20 x 36

20 x 28

23 x 31

26 x 33

20 x 29

28 x 33

20 x 23

Klaus Fußmann (b. 1938), contemporary German painter and printmaker and professor 1974-2005 at Berlin Art Academy . 

This wonderful impressionist printmaker came to mind finding the collection of studied. Fußmann’a prints of the North German landscape are wonderful and he mastered the technique described above to perfection in his  impressionist landscape and flower painting. Just a few strokes are enough to create bouquets and landscapes. Intriguing !

Fußmann no doubt followed in the foot steps of his famous colleague (and also a printmaker) Emil Nolde: (last picture)