Painter, graphic artist, book illustrator and printmaker  Studied at Kassel “Kunstakademie”, graduating as “Zeichenlehrerin” in 1912. Worked as drawing teacher 1912-1915 in Witten and 1915- until retirement in 1952 at Itzehoe “Augusta Viktoria Schule”.  

Taught sculptor Gisela Kühler-Balcke (1913-1983). Friend of painter Helene Gries-Danican ( 1874-1935) exhibiting together with Margot Clausen (1886-1968) in Itzehoe in 1920. 

Studied in Leipzig 1920 and Munich and Italy in 1929. 

After retirement she suffered of depression ending her life in a sanatorium in Uelsby. 

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