Vogelbuch  (1912)

6 Original Holzschnitte in Ledermappen”. 40 hand signed and hand numbered copies were printed by Dachau “Verlag des Bücherwurms”: Das Vogelbuch , 6 Farbenholzschnitte deutscher Vogel…

One of the prints is dated 1911. His print “Resting swan” (1909) is sometimes mentioned to be part but this folio. It was not. Likewise the other known version of “Tauchente” (feeding underwater  ducks).  

Vogelbuch (1922)

6 hand-colored woodcuts, on China, signed and numbered in pencil. Published in Weimar by Reiher-Verlag.  Orig. half-parchment portfolio by Otto Dorfner, with gilded spine and gilded embossing of a hoopoe on the front cover. Format 41.3 x 32 cm.

100 copies were published as a portfolio. Total edition of the woodcuts 200 copies. – The woodcuts were printed in the Reiher-Presse in Weimar under the artist's supervision, hand-coloured and each one signed by the artist

Other coloured bird (woodblock) prints

Bird prints created roughly between 1909-1922. The prints created before 1909 and displayed in Eva Bendová’s  2016 Thiemann-Klemm book “Moderner Holzschnit in Prag” are not shown of this page. Confusingly some of them are sometimes mentioned as belonging to one of the 2 Bird Albums. The first 5 examples could easily have been (style, format). They were however not included in the final selection of 6 prints to each album. The second (snowy, small format and photomecahnicallu reproduced) version of the “Meisen” is only known  from a 1913 monthly magazine appearance in “Der Kunstwart”. (Warning: Ripped from the magazine illustrations can be found offered at ridiculous prices)

The last 3 examples could technically also be mentioned as colour woodblocks although just one extra block was used.