These 4 examples represent Walter Klemm in my women printmakers collection. All about his importance to early Modern Printmaking can be found in the book “Moderner Holzschnitt in Prag” (1905-1908). Thieman has his “Werkverzeichnis” (Merxx) , Klemm’s later works however are not covered or to be consulted in any “Werkverzeichnis” or “Catalogue Résumé”. 

The blue-tits print (“Blaumeisen” and not “Kohlmeisen” as they are often named) was not selected for either of Klemm’s Bird albums, the dabbling ducks (“Tauchenten”) was published in the first ”Vogelbuch” Album. The Kingfisher in the second 1922 Album.  This 1907 version of “Junge Hunden” appeared published by the Vienna “Gesellschaft für vervielfaltigende Kunst” in 1910. A handprinted version with different colours also exists. 

My personal admiration for Klemm is because of his bird prints. Although he created two albums with each 6 iconic prints the rare prints are usually found separatedly. Complete albums are extremely rare. To my knowledge the contents of the albums before was not digitally available as reference.   

The bird prints shown in the Thiemann-Klemm book (their prints created before 1909), are not part of the following exercise: Bird prints created after 1907/08 by Walter Klemm.   

An extra button will bring you the birds prints boy Berlin Jewish printmaker Emil Pottner. His album “Der garten am Wasser” appeared roughly inbetween Klemm’s albums: in 1918.