Standing Nude 

Proof of his stay in Paris and visit to the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in 1961. Probably with his wife who may very well had to attend to her own professional (fashion) business. Read more about this artistic Dutch couple in the accompanying book Vol. 2.

At Paris “Académie de la Grande Chaumière” (founded in 1902 and still in existence) mostly foreign students followed courses. Because of its open character hardly any administration of visiting students and artists is kept. Over a century thousands of students will have attended its very popular courses. 1900-1950 it was Paris’ most popular and famous Art Academy.   

Some (more serious) semester/term (morning) courses in painting and sculpting were booked and payed in advance. Admittance to enter the popular “croquis” life-model drawing and sketching afternoon classes was permitted after presenting a pre-paid coin to the studio attendant. 

In these classes the model stood for 5 minutes before altering position during a period of 2 hours. Then the models would pose for a couple of hours less some break time (for tea and and stretching legs).


Plenty examples of his work as still-life and portrait painter can be found in the Internet.