“Environs de Oldenburg” 

Published by Revue d’Art in 1888 after a stay in 1886. It shows the Hengstförder Mühle situated at tidal stream “Aper Tief” near the village of Apen (halfway Oldenburg and Leer).

Tidal waterway “Aper Tief” is part of the Jumme and Leda water system confluent with river Em. The traditional “Torfkähne” are standardised lugger-rigged peat transporting ship developed in the 18. century at Teufelsmoor North of Bremen and since in use in North Germany’s opened and exploited moorlands, suited for the narrow and shallow canals. 

These characteristic ships were frequently shown in paintings by the Worpswede artist. Emmy Meyer is known from her many “Hamme Schiffe” painting and graphic renderings.

A 1894 lithographic print with mirrored annotation is known as “Holländischer Fischer beim Bierkrug” and obviously shows the same location. 

Paula Modersohn (Moor landscape)