Saint Chamas, Provence 1953

Drawing and watercolour (47 x 62 cm)

German drawer and painter who after WW-II until 1960 frequently visited La Provence and became noted for his many drawings and this large drawing with colour of the village of Saint Chamas in the Camarque, West of  Marseille. His French Provence impressions were also published in 2 booklets in 1976 and 1977 (Im Bann der Provence). 

According to modern Street-view and an old postcard not much has changed in Saint Chamas in 100 years. The plane trees, grown and matured have seen it all.

Unbelievable but true: this is one of the nicest flea market finds and rewards for all early morning visits. It is beyond my comprehension why such charming and fine original art is discarded.