Not an expert on tropical birds, it appears to me these prints “pair” as two closely related but different species of Macaw (Ara’s). I think Fritz Lang’s representations are among the very finest in the Parrots-on-Woodblock Prints genre. They are large, impressive, colourful and highly decorative Jugendstil icons. Although many more parrot prints by Lang exist it is very special to actually have assembled a “set” of these 4 iconic prints together.

The huge 100 x 44 cm. (!) centre print with yellow background is on the collection wishlist. 

As an artist and illustrator Lang is known for his many illustrated books, his flower, botanical, animal and bird prints. Within the bird prints his parrots take a special place. Trying to keep this special collection (prints created by German women printmakers born 1850-1900) within its original goals (one simply cannot collect all that is worthwhile collecting without going mad and/or bankrupt) the rare “Markt” print has travelled to a befriend print collection in Boston USA. 

Lang’s  rice finches is with Friedrich Lissmann’s dead kingfisher one of my most cherished prints (created by a male printmaker).  

Fritz Lang Parrot prints

Fritz Lang created many parrot “prints”. They do not show up very often in auctions, but are highly sought after by collectors. They are in a league of their own. 


As with most well known and once loved and immensely popular printmaking artists: a catalogue raisonée or “Werkverzeichnis” to my knowledge has never been created. Besides his bird and animal prints he created dozens of the finest botanical wood cuts. In due time they (the pictures from my archive) will be presented here too.