Elise de Liège (? - ?)

This probably 1900-20 “Portrait-Visite” of a beautiful young women in a beautiful dress was picked up from the grass in an outdoors  flea market. One of those hard back, business card format, quality glass plate portraits. It obviously had fallen out of an old family photo album with many photographs by Belgian photographers, as I learned from other examples, located in or around the city of  Luik (Liège). 

Someone bought the lot, mainly for the beautiful old album. The contents, the family portraits, all without names, were of less “importance”. Without a name and detached from their relatives they may be of artistic but not sentimental value. 

So, very friendly, I was to keep it. To keep her. Her friendly face with that mysterious and faintly familiar smile. For ever mine. 

She has the air and nobility of a Genovese princess portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci. A missing portrait between La Giaconda and La Ferronière.

Timeless and classic beauty between Lisa del Giacondo, Lucrezia Crivelli and Beatrice d’Este.

All I know is her name: Elise, and she came from Liège (les environs de) Belgium………      

And then sorting pictures in a small sub-archive containing pictures of classic (crouching) “Caryatides”:  female figures used as pillars or supporting structures, in a glimpse I thought I recognised and may have found her …..