Carl Frederik Liisberg was a Danish sculptor and porcelain (underglaze) painter in the Royal Danish Porcelain factories.  His “See-Ufer mit Enten“ pastel was published in Julius Hoffmann’s “Decorative Vorbilder” Volume XIII in 1902  as a high quality chromo-lithographical print. At least two more of his designs were published this way: “Möwen an Meeresstrand” (Vol. XI in 1900) and “Nebelkrähen” Volume XIV in 1904 (Corvus Cornix, hooded crow, bonte kraai).

He is best known for his delicate porcelain animal figurines (white ducks - right), reminding of examples by Emil Pottner (right - below). His son Hugo followed has father’s footsteps as an artist and married Inger the daughter of famous Danish painter Julius Paulsen. Inger is known to have modelled for her father. 

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Walter Klemm

With the keen eye of Wolfgang Barina in Frankfurt this extraordinary link between Liisberg (who became largely obscured) and far better known (famous) Walther Klemm came to light.

Klemm obviously copied Liisberg’s design “Enten am See-ufer”

A tribute  to his colleague ? Did they know each other, or did Klemm find a copy in “Decorative Vorbilder” and made it his own ?

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