LIOBA Michel 

It is still unknown who created these large and remarkable woodcuts. Was it the founder of the order of LIOBA, Hildegard Michaelis  herself or a member by the name of Michel ? Half a dozen or so appeared regularly in auctions: Simiane in the Provence (2 versions exist) and Marseille harbour but also a Dutch harbour scene, a farmhouse in Drente and cranes in an African village exist.

They are large format monochrome prints, printed on heavy Japan paper.

Read all about my research, the founding of  monasteries in Netherlands Egmond aan Zee, Simiane in France, Borsalino in Italy and the order of LIOBA by a daughter of Erfurt in the biographies.  

A strong influence and connection to the prints by Richard Seewald (1889-1976) is suspected.

In the workshops arts and craft were performed and sold in the monastery shops in Egmond (NL.) and Simiane (Fr.) like this lavender oil container.