This moving and delicate print of a dead kingfisher hung from a nail on the wall says all about the craftsmanship and sensitivity of Friedrich Lissmann who died in the Flanders fields.  It is one of the absolute high lights of this collection.  Original prints, printed and signed by Lissmann himself are extremely rare. After his death Helga Finger-Illies printed a posthumous  edition from his blocks, clearly annotated and signed by the printer (below an incomplete impression) 

“Postkarten” edition. 

After his untimely death besides the “Nachlass” or the posthumously hand-printed editions by Helga Finger-Illies a postcard edition (18 cards) was published. Carefully comparing the “verkleinerte Wiedergabe” postcards with Lissmann’s originals it may be concluded they were printed from professionally copied and very precisely (but not identically) recarved but smaller blocks. 

Read all about this forgotten artist in “Das Haus der Frau” Vol. II. His family, travels, friends and the mysterious publisher Mia Lenz who published copies of his works in 6 popular “Mappen”.