Helena Antoinette Henrietta Marcus (1897 - after 1950)

“Court de Cluny” 

Court yard of Hôtel de Cluny in Paris. It was originally the medieval residence of the abbots of Cluny in the Quartier Latin. It was build over remnants of a Roman bathhouse and today it is the house of “Musée de Cluny”. 

The artist H.A.H. Marcus is not mentioned in any of the artists lexicons. She is not mentioned  anywhere besides as the author of a few children’s short stories in a 1930s local news paper. Not by name but only with her initials, that proved to be an almost unique combination. She is not identical with Dutch painter and graphic artist Henriette Marcus (1891-1993). Read all about the fascinating result of my research in the latest update of Vol. 2 of Das Haus der Frau.