Temporary arangement of all prints (some 70 different !) that became known to me during 25 years of collecting: from my personal collection and the archive built,  by examples in both unknown and well known collections, from old auction catalogues, from eBay and from literature (old German publishing-house catalogues, magazines and books) etc…etc..

This summing-up (a first attempt catalogue) of her prints was created on special request by befriended Chicago collector Tom who is admired for his dedication and exquisite taste. 

If time allows specifics, like title and dimensions etc..  will be added later. 

All information, more examples (…..)  etc.. are very welcomed

These pictures are arranged without organisation or system. Helene Mass used to sign her prints with “just her name” and in most cases her HM monogram. Regretfully no dates, no location or edition numbers (only in very few known examples) are mentioned.  

I suppose any insight in chronologic arranging will be an almost impossible task: Judgement by development in skill and technique (quality ?), knowledge about her biography, a private diary or studio administration,  knowledge about her travels (coast, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Venice, Helgoland)…… Also the contents of dated publishers catalogues might be helpful. Here lies a task ahead. 

The charming prints (red-ivy, children, farmhouse) are possibly based on her memory of her native village of Schönlancke.

Small format (10 x 10 cm.) 

What I think sums up the square and small prints by Helene Mass. Creating these small gems may have had also a commercial/economic reason: they will have been more affordable than the larger prints.