One of the most prolific of all women printmakers, one of the most loved (she was already in her own time) and today probably the most collected and sought-after of the pioneering printmaking artists. She is the undisputed Queen of Printmaking. 

Her prints are highly collectable and fetch highest prices in sales and auctions. Considering my collection criteria (to represent as many women printmakers by the best examples possible within a limited budget) I am quite content with this representation. And who knows … ?

For this purpose also the Shop & Swap will be stocked  

Unlike most other women printmakers she choses the landscape to be her favourite subject. The unique flower bouquet was acquired in a sale in Hamburg (the city besides Amsterdam and Venice she also visited and made a print of and possibly met her colleague Else Zinkeisen).

As far as my knowledge reaches, the first of the Haystack prints (lower left) is a unique example. The signature was cut off for narrow framing, as was the case with the other haystacks print, but her monogram (lower right) remained. Click the haystacks below for a personal account, more details and earlier unforgivable framing decisions ……