Ernst Matthes, was invited as guest in this website (febr. 2023) and collection display, after a friend acquired an incomplete (8/10) set of his most wonderful “Pariser Szenen” album (ed. 200). The majority of these (surviving) sets will be incomplete, previous owners may have had one or two selected for framing, display and home decoration.  

This display is also an attempt to find out which prints may have been removed. And an attempt to actually locate and find them of course. 

His most intriguing biography can be found in the latest up-date of the accompanying book. Ancestral research may indicate to a distant (18th century) relationship to Paul Oscar Matthes who actually is represented in my collection. 

Possible candidates:

These two prints (>), found scratching together known prints by Ernst Matthes in the Internet, are the most likely candidates for the missing prints in the album.  

The prints below are all that came to light besides “Pariser Szenen”.


This unique artist fell in Flanders just a week before the Great War was ended. Read his intriguing biography in the accompanying book.