“Parfum Frisant” 

Ponts de Paris  

A simple picture on cheap newspaper paper of a black cat and a vase of flowers …. Carefully made into a “in memoriam for Minou” it was probably displayed in a French home for decades. Comforting the owners and taking them back to happy moments and “memoirs”.  In time the connection between the cat and its loving “owners” (you’ll never own a cat) was lost and the small shrine with a moving note and date written on its back probably ended up from a house clearing in France, to a bric-a-brac, and probably some Dutch tourist picked it up and later found its way to a car boot. 

“Parfum Frisant”.  Minou a l’ãme bucolique, il ne quitte plus le bouquet, de Mouguets don’t il respire, les senteurs printanièrs. 1-5-1954

“Overwhelming Perfume”. Minou, who lives the great out doors, can not break loose of the bouquet of Lily’s-of-the-field, intoxicated by the sent of spring.  (Hand written a week after my birth) 

Just for fun and to accompany French Minou some more lesser known cousins, by: Mabel Royds, Diana Hoeptner, Hans Thoma and by Dutch artist Jacob van Loon. The white cat in the window is also by van Loon