Unknown city view 

This no doubt rare and last printed no.50 from an edition of 50 copies reminded (me) of Hamburg. “View over the Alster” towards the city with the Lombardtsbrücke. Munich artist Emma Maier created the Hamburg-Alster print in this collection in almost the same colours, that caused the “Deja Vue”. But it is not Hamburg the church towers nor the bridge are an exact match. Although it looks like a railway bridge, and the structure on the right looks like a railway station: the location remains a mystery: all help is welcomed. 


German-Swiss artist who settled in Switzerland in 1893. From where he visited the Netherlands, staying in Volendam Hotel Spaander in 1909, 1911 and 1913 and obviously payed a visit to Zandvoort at the North Sea coast. 

Zandvoort, Scheveningen and Katwijk were the favourite summer residences of a generation of German “Beaux Monde” painters, artists, publishers etc.. : Liebermann, Corinth, Cassirer etc…