To be honest: Piet Mulder is not represented with an actual, original work. This Dutch artist was discovered “par hazard’ and the newly found images made curious to see more of his work, like visiting a new exhibition.  A more or less “contemporary” artist, outside the general “scope” of colour woodblocks and related artists in this collection. I know. But such a nice self taught artist: there’s more to life, etc…. 

Piet Mulder proves: education is important but without talent and perseverance ……. Hence this page in this website: a small tribute to this unexpected and fine artist. 

His quick sketch (scribble) of a reclining girl on the beach was copied, printed, matted and framed to be able to have a print in hand or to display and enjoy. To illustrate my ode to Piet Mulder here are a choice of favourite pictures to illustrate. 

The artist’s son and daughter honoured their father publishing 3 booklets with many examples and stories of his work covering his career, his wife and his family and his later excursion as a marine painter setting up a studio in Southern England. His wife Hanna in her youth modelled for sculptors Marinus Vreugde and Cephas Stouthamer. The latter is represented with an etching (Nymphaeum collection: 3 graces). 

Publishers: Uitgeverij De weide Blik:

1. The sea is a bore (2014):              ISBN 978 7776743 6

2. Piet Mulder (2019):                      ISBN 978 90777 6780 1

3. Piet Mulder: “Hanna” (2022):    ISBN 978 90 77767 917.